Officiating at weddings and other lifecycle events, such as baby namings, coming-of-age rites for adolescents, and funerals, is an important part of what we do at Mastros & Zealot.  We'll work with you to develop the kind of ritual that you want.  While Sara is licensed to perform weddings, in PA you do not need a minister to perform a wedding.  You can "self solemnize", which means that a couple can legally marry themselves by announcing that they are married in front of two witnesses, and then file the appropriate form with the state.  You can read more about how to self-solemnize here , but if you'd like to hire us to officiate your ritual, we will, of course, handle all the details.  

Mastros & Zealot offers both custom ritual design and officiation. We can help you write vows, or design the entire ritual from scratch. We can also help with some limited event planning, but we are not wedding planners.  Fees vary based on the event, but are generally $500 for officiation, and $100 per hour for ritual design & consultation.  While ritual officiation is, for the most part, available only locally, we are happy to write a ritual for you to preform yourselves anywhere in the world.  Please contact Sara at [email protected] for more details.

Rituals Offered:

  • Weddings (straight, gay, or other: Love is Love.)
  • Non-Marriage Love Partnerships
  • Civil Unions
  • Vow Renewals
  • Baby Namings / Welcomings
  • Adoption Ceremonies
  • Coming of Age Ceremonies
  • Pagan Initiations & Ordinations
  • Rituals to Prepare for Death
  • Funerals
Religious Flavors:

  • Animist
  • Pagan
  • Neo-Pagan
  • Pluralistic
  • Universalist
  • Non-denominational
  • Non-theist
  • Pantheist
  • Entheist
  • Spiritualist

Witch's Weekend Hermitage
For select clients, Mastros & Zealot offers individual weekend intensives at the Pittsburgh Witch House.  We'll work together to develop a full weekend of learning, ritual, divination, and magic to kickstart your practice, or help you develop a new one.  While everyone's weekend will be different, most typically guests arrive Friday evening, take a magical bath, and then have a Tai Chi class or Guided Meditation, followed by their first prophecy session, to discover some tutelary spirits   After the prophecy, there's some time to talk, and then it's off to bed.

After brunch, Saturday is a full day of prophecy, ritual, initiation and learning suited to your individual needs.  Most people on hermitage like to intersperse periods of private time to journal or paint, as well as meditation, and ritual throughout the day.  Your hermitage can include as much alone time as you'd like, balanced with one-on-one learning, consultation, and magic.  On Saturday night, most clients choose an initatory ritual to seal their learning and solidify their commitement to their new practices.  

Sunday, after a hearty breakfast, we'll work some final magic and divinations to plan the way forward, followed by a closing ritual.  Depending on your travel arrangements, most people leave Sunday afternoon.

A typical weekend hermitage includes two days and nights of room and board, as well as a full schedule (agreed in advance) of lessons, magic, divination, and consultation for aproximately $1000, but your hermitage can be tailored just to you.