Custom spellwork is at the heart of who we are at Mastros & Zealot.  We just love to work magic!  
While we have some specialties listed below, we're willing to take on most challenges, and if we don't think we're best suited to help, we can usually recommend someone else who is.  Our custom sorcery is billed at $100 per hour; simple workings tend to be about 3 hours.  If you have a more complicated situation, which requires action on several fronts, email us to discuss your infividual needs.  In general, our custom spell work involves divination to assess the situaton, intercessory sorcery on your behalf, as well as a custom-made talisman, prayer, or potion for you to work with at home.  We accept barter payment for most custom sorcery; contact Sara for details. 

In service to our gods, we offer some pro-bono (free) Work to help with: 
(1) Escape and protection from domestic abuse.  
(2) Warding Against urban blight in North Braddock, PA

3) Healing the Land of North Braddock, PA (comes with free garden plants!)
(4) Academic Success and Inspiration for Writers for Pittsburghers
5) Protection for Political and other Social Justice Marchers

Some of our Specialties

Real Estate Magic
Healing the Heart
School & Academics
Sara grew up in her family's Real Estate brokerage, and truly beleives that, underlying all wealth, lies the Land itself.  From finding a great apartment, looking for a home to buy, or selling a portfolio of commercial property, let us add some sorcery to super-charge your real estate transactions.  

Neither Sara nor Simon are licensed Realtors, and this is not a substitute for professional representation.
Grief and loss can leave us feeling cold and empty.  Bad relationships and toxic people can leave scars on the heart.  Magic can be a balm that helps you cut the energy-draining cords of past entanglements, and heal and stengthen your heart, so you go forth shinging once again. 

This work is not intended as a substitute for professional counseling.
In addition to her own years as student accumulating WAY too many degrees, Sara spent the better part of a decade as a classroom teacher and school administrator.   From a simple charm to help beat the SATs, to one-on-one college admissions coaching and sorcery, let me craft some magic to help you be the best student you can be.  

Sara is an independent college admissions counselor, and those services may be combined with sorcery for maximum impact.

Protective Magic
Shine On, Crazy Diamond
Initiation by Ordeal
Sometimes, everyone needs someone who's got their back.  Let us marshall martial forces to help ward off attack and protect you from harm.  

Simon is a Martial Artist who has been teaching students to protect and defend for more than a decade.  Training in self-defense can be combined with sorcery for maximum impact.

Sometimes, all of us find ourselves in a bit of a funk.  Let us help you find your spark again.  This magic is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment for clinical depression, rather it's designed to help you release your own inner motivation and charisma, so you can excell at whatever you choose.
And finally, sometimes, what you need is a good, swift kick in the ass.  We can send you an ordeal specifically tailored to your unique situation to challenge yourself, shake of the dust, and be sure you're in fighting trim.