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Both Sara and Simon offer readings using a variety of methods, including tarot, astrology, and spirit mediumship.  All of our divinations are available in-person in Pittsburgh, or via video-conference.  We offer a number of a la carte readings, or you can book time and combine them however you like,  $45 for 20 minutes or  $100 per hour.

We also offer a simple three-card reading for $33.  Email us a question, and you'll get back a one to two page written answer.  We guarantee an answer within 3 days, but usually you'll get it back within 24 hours.

Specialty Readings

Relationship Check-in:   This reading looks at the relationship between two people to see how effectively you're "matching up" and discover areas where you might be "out of sync".  Then, it provides advice on how to move things toward harmony.  I usually do this reading for lovers, but it's also good for parents and children, friends, or even you and your boss.

Am I Cursed?  This reading looks at what we call "crossed conditions", anything that might be causing a string of bad luck.  This is very rarely that someone intentionally curse; it's often something as simple as having acidentally offended a local spirit by littering.  In any case, the reading identifies the source of the problem, and provides a solution.

Dream Interpretation:  This is one of the classical skills of the reader, to be able to explain your dreams to you and tell you what they're trying to teach you.  Send me a one page written summary of your dream, and I can tell you what message it holds for you, and advice on how to implement it.

Past Life Reading: This in-depth reading looks at the past life and other "deep" issues swirling around in your life right now, shedding light on patterns of behaviour you're struggling with.  For some people, this will reveal details of your past life, when, where, and how you lived, but for most people, it will reveal the relationships and stuggles you brought in to this life with you and advice on how to navigate them.

Personal Angel Reading: In this in-depth hour-long reading, we'll investigate what angels are "on your team", and who can help with specific areas in your life. For some clients, this reading reveals the name of a single personal guardian angel, but more often it provides insights and messages from several angels who are working behind the scenes on your behalf.

Spirit Court Reading: All of us move through life with the spirits: gods, ancestors, angels, saints, animal totems, and tribal protectors who are "on your team", moving things behind the scenes for you.  This reading will help you identify these allies and teach you how to begin relationships with them.  These readings take some time, usually about an hour, and can be quite emotional; we recommend making sure you have at least an hour of private time to sit with your thoughts and collect yourself once the reading is over.

Witch's Weekend Hermitage
For select clients, Mastros & Zealot offers individual weekend intensives at the Pittsburgh Witch House.  We'll work together to develeop a full weekend of learning, ritual, divination, and magic to kickstart your practice, or help you develop a new one.  While everyone's weekend will be different, most typically guests arrive Friday evening, take a magical bath, and then have a Tai Chi class or Guided Meditation, followed by their first prophecy session, to discover some tutelory spirits   After the prophecy, there's some time to talk, and then it's off to bed.

After brunch, Saturday is a full day of prophecy, ritual, initiation and learning suited to your individual needs.  Most people on hermitage like to intersperse periods of private time to journal or paint, as well as meditation, and ritual throughout the day.  Your hermitage can include as much alone time as you'd like, balanced with one-on-one learning, consultation, and magic.  On Saturday night, most clients choose an initatory ritual to seal their learning and solidify their commitement to their new practices.  

Sunday, after a hearty breakfast, we'll work some final magic and divinations to plan the way forward, followed by a closing ritual.  Depending on your travel arrangements, most people leave Sunday afternoon.

A typical weekend hermitages includes two days and nights of room and board, as well as a full schedule (agreed in advance) of lessons, magic, divination, and consultation for aproximately $1000, but your hermitage can be tailored just to you.