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Working with the Dead
This class is of a series of workshops on working with the dead. You don't have to take all the classes; you can mix & match whichever you choose, however, lessons 6 & 7 require demonstrated mastery of lessons 1-5 or special permission of the instructor.  

1) Lords of Death, Queens Below, and Other Underworld Allies
2) The Mighty Dead: Saints, Buddhas, Tzaddiks, Heros
3) The Beloved Dead & The Ancestors
4) Local Cemetary Work
5) Mediumship & Trance Possession
6) Shells, Shades, and the Hungry Dead 

7) Sin Eating & Psychopomping

Classes are every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm at the Witch House, beginning Sunday June 4th.  (except #4, which will be at Allegheny Cemetary).  Each workshop is $20 if taken in-person or you can purchase a video for $30.  Barter accepted.   Email me to sign up. ​​

for Beginners
Warlock Readiness Training
This is a course in the fundamentals of Warlockery for beginner and intermediate magicians. The important role of the Warlock as protector and ally to the historically persecuted witch, as well as the related mysteries tied to that role, have been all but forgotten. By the end of this course, you'll learn the foundational skills you'll need to develop your mind, body and spirit to a battle readiness, as well as understand what "battle" is for Warlocks. Graduates of this class are eligible to join the Bacchic Defense League. Classes meet Sunday afternoons at 1pm. $20 per class or $100 for all seven (paid in advance) which includes supplies, soft drinks, and snacks. Class is capped at 4 in-person students. This course is also available on video for $150.

Sun Mar 19: Introduction to Warlock Battle Arts.
Sun Mar 26: Hermes and Hercules
Sun April 2: Hephestus and Heru-Ur
Sun April 9: Dionysus and Adonis
Sun April 16: Hekate and Hastarte
Sun April 23: Heru-Shiva
Sun April 30: P.J. Christ

This is a course in the fundamentals of witchcraft & spirit magic for beginner and intermediate magicians.  By the end of this course, you'll learn the foundational skills you'll need to develop your own magical practice.  Graduates of this class are eligible to apply for membership in the Pittsburgh Witch House working group.  Classes meet Sunday afternoons 3-6pm.  $20 per class or $100 for all seven (paid in advance) and include supplies, soft drinks, and snacks.  Class is capped at 10 in-person students.  This course is also available on video for $150.

Sun Feb 5: Introduction
Sun Feb 12: Sympathetic Magic
Sun Feb 19: Mirror Evocation
Sun Feb 26: Spirit Journeys
Sun Mar 5: The Land
NO CLASS MAR 12, Join me at Sacred Space in MD
Sun Mar 19: Trance Possession
Sun Mar 26: Where to go Next...

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You're Doing it Wrong
The Seven Seals
Kabbalah: You’re Doing It Wrong! is a 21 lesson course in modern heterodox Jewish kabbalah, including the so-called “ecstatic” kabbalah, ma’aseh merkava.  Each lesson contains a written lesson (5-15 pages long), including an annotated bibliography for further reading, as well as an audio recording (about an hour) of the “oral teaching” that accompanies the material.  Every student is assigned at least one “study partner”, but you may be placed in a small cohort of up to 5 students.  The audio lessons come with discussion questions to explore with your partners.  Many, but not all, lessons contain a guided trance experience.  The course is designed for people who have some familiarity with magical trance-work (such as shamanic journeying).  If you do not have that, you might want to learn that first.

The course is $20 per lesson, or $360 for all 21 classes (get 3 free!).  Scholarship and barter are available; we want your progress more than we want your money.  Email Sara at [email protected] to make arrangements to join the class!  New class sessions form as soon as a partner becomes available.  If you have someone(s) you would like to study with already, partner/group discounts are available.

Apokalypsis is a game of mystery and revelation, of poetry, and magic.  Ove the seven weeks of the game, you'll visit the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse in Lydia (modern Turkey), and uncover the ancient Mystery Cults buried beneath them.  

​On the meander-path of revelation, there are seven stairs, which are seven stars, which are seven immortal mystery cults. The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse are seals upon these gates, shackles on the truth Below, built on the ruins of the Temples of Magic. And yet, what is hidden is also the Revelation, and every Church is built on the ruins the previous Temple.

If sport is the sad compromise made by warrior peoples to slate a thrist for blood, art provides a similar succor to the soul of every struggling god-king deprived of his or her magic. Reclaiming that divine rite requires retracing the path of its greatest destroyer, the Pauline Church, and excavating from the chthonic ruins beneath their first Churchs the pagan powers that are still held beneath. These so-called Seven Churchs of the Apocalypse each contain another piece of the ancient mysteries that Paul's church had to eliminate in order to secure his own cult's supremacy. The Age of his supremacy is over.

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Sacred Space 2017
Sara taught Lesson Zero at the conference; if you were in her class, and have questions about the "oral only" part of the teaching, please email here at [email protected], including the "secret password" you learned in class to show that you are officially "already a sage" as far as this material goes.

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